Team Osprey takes over race lead! – Osprey Packs Experience
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Team Osprey takes over race lead!

Osprey has taken flight!!
Led by captain Scott Swaney and star navigator Travis Macy, Team Osprey took off from Checkpoint #13 for the start of the long bike leg with a 2 minute lead on Team YogaSlackers.
Rumors also floating around that the YogaSlackers crew may be subject to a sizable penalty for an infraction during the very first leg. May all be a mute point, as Team Osprey is out front setting the pace and with famed mountain bike studs Jon Brown and Gretchen Reeves setting the pace, it will be a tall order for the chasers to catch Osprey!!

Captain Scott Swaney leads the team out onto bike leg

Once on the road, Team Osprey put the hammer down, and as the light starts to fade on the first day of racing, they have extended their lead by a couple of minutes within the first few miles!

Team Osprey Packs extends their lead on the bike leg