TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 2 – Osprey Packs Experience
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TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 2

TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Backcountry Essentials

“We were on a sidehill traverse 40 yards from the steps of the Opus Hut in southwest Colorado when I ate shit. It was my first hut trip and I’d tried to play it cool on the short approach while keeping up with a group of experienced backcountry travelers, but that just made it worse. My splitboard tips crossed all over the place while my trekking poles flailed through the air, until I face-planted in the fresh, wet snow. “Scott, you really suck at splitboarding, huh?” one guy joked. I laughed through labored breath, somewhat relieved that he said what everyone was thinking.” – Scott Yorko 

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If you’re seeking first tracks and the blanketed silence of solitude, check out Teton Gravity Research‘s guide to exploring the backcountry. Chapter 2 explores choosing the proper gear to ensure a comfortable and safe out-of-bounds experience.

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