TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 4 – Osprey Packs Experience
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TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 4

TGR Backcountry Travel Guide: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Backcountry Hut Systems

“Where there have been people climbing mountains, there have been huts. In Europe, these high-country refuges are landmarks in the continent’s alpinism history. Since the mid-19th century, regional mountaineering groups have strategically built sometimes rustic, sometimes elaborate huts to allow climbers to traverse a range, haul equipment with them, and take shelter during these strenuous endeavors. As a result, hut-to-hut traverses are not only a rite of passage for European backcountry skiers and mountaineers; they’re an important part of the mountain culture.

In the western U.S., hut systems are much younger. Inspired by the European tradition, our modern networks let skiers and riders stay overnight in the backcountry and use the huts as base camps for skiing.” – MacKenzie Ryan

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To maximize your hut trip experience, check out the latest installment of Teton Gravity Research‘s backcountry travel guide. Chapter 4 explores the skills and gear you’ll need to plan your next guided or unguided hut trip. Before you press “Reserve,” make sure you are prepared for a remote experience in the mountains.

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