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When thru-hikers build a trail family, groups of climbers spot each other for an afternoon and chairlift riders share knowing smiles on a powder day, our common ground shines through. Our differences become less important. And a passion for our natural world ignites.

For 50 years and counting, the pursuit of exploration has led us to remarkable places, teaching us lessons we carry forward into the making of every pack. 

The more time we spend outdoors, the more curious we become about the balance of conservation, community and access. Osprey believes these pillars are core to all recreation experiences, and the growth of the outdoor community is made possible by increased action on land protection and stewardship, not hindered by it. As industry leaders, it is our responsibility to empower the groups and organizations that uphold these foundational values and provide solutions to ensure their strength.

Our philanthropic work seeks to increase outdoor participation and diversity in balance with conservation and recreation efforts. Whether exploring deep into the backcountry or on nearby trails, we believe adventure should be accessible and welcoming to all people. And as demand for outdoor experiences grows, we stand for the protection of wilderness and its innumerable wonders, and responsible management of the recreation areas that inspire our curiosity.

Goosenecks state park

Increasing Access

Everyone deserves access to the outdoors. Our alliances are with visionary leaders actively building a more diverse and inclusive outdoor community and removing barriers to outdoor participation.

Expanding Conservation

As passionate outdoorspeople, we endorse increased land protections and comprehensive land management to foster thriving, resilient ecological systems.

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Grounded in Community

Located in Cortez, Colorado; Ogden, Utah; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Poole, UK, Osprey’s offices are nestled among some of the most remarkable landscapes on Earth and surrounded by dedicated communities of stewards and advocates. We are proud to support our regional partners.