AURA AG™  50
AURA AG™  50
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AURA AG™ 65 depicted in image
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Removable floating top lid

The floating top lid can extend to accept oversized loads or can be removed from the pack body for weight saving lidless use.
Removable floating top lid


Osprey’s FlapJacket™ provides compression and protection from the elements for the main pack compartment when the top lid is removed.

Tool attachment

The dual ice tool loops and clove hitch style bungee tie-offs provide secure tool attachment and transport

Dual zippered front panel pockets

Dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible. *Only available on Atmos AG 65 & Aura AG 65

Compression Straps

Dual upper side compression straps stabilize loads while lower, cross functional compression straps also serve as external gear carry straps.

Internal compression

The internal compression straps help to stabilize the load.

Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment

Osprey’s Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system is designed to quickly attach and carry trekking poles while wearing a pack or making a quick scramble through rough terrain.

Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt

The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt pads extend 5”/15cm to accommodate different hip sizes while providing a custom fit
The Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt

Adjustable harness

The adjustable harness allows the user to easily adjust the torso length of the pack by using the easy release cams behind the harness yoke

Anti-Gravity Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


Featuring Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system, the women’s-specific Osprey Aura AG™ 50 is designed to carry up to 40 pounds without you even noticing the load. It is the perfect companion on weekend or quick overnight trips.
The secret to this award-winning pack is Osprey’s clever Anti-Gravity™ suspension system—a seamless backpanel composed of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt that contours to the body to deliver outstanding fit and unrestricted movement. The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt and easily adjustable torso length optimizes comfort on the trail.

You can access your gear through the top of the pack or via a zippered front panel. The versatile floating top-lid is removable to shave weight but an integrated FlapJacket™ is always onboard to protect your gear from the elements. Final touches on this state-of-the-art pack include the Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system, and ice axe loops for winter ascents. Sleeping pad straps are not included on the Atmos 50 and Aura 50.

Key Attributes

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


An adjustable stretch mesh front panel pocket provides additional external storage and organizational options. Dual zippered front panel pockets allow additional internal storage and organizational options.


A removable floating lid can be replaced with a fixed FlatJacket™ to protect your packed gear and minimize weight.

Carry Information

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

  • Lightwire™ tensioned, full peripheral frame comfortably transfers pack load.

Anti-Gravity™ Backpanel

  • Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps shoulders, back and hips for a fully integrated backpanel fit.

Anti-Gravity™ Mesh Harness

  • Adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar for load transfer and comfort
  • Die-cut foam lower and mesh ExoFoam™ wrap upper

Anti-Gravity™ Fit-on-the-fly™ Hipbelt

  • Suspended mesh hip wrap for load transfer and comfort
  • Adjustable Fit-on-the-fly hipbelt


Load Range
25 - 40 lbs.
11 - 18 kg
  Volume Dimensions Weight
WXS 2746 in3 / 45 l 26h x 14w x 13d in. 3.83 lbs.
WS 2868 in3 / 47 l 28h x 14w x 13d in. 4.01 lbs.
WM 3051 in3 / 50 l 30h x 14w x 13d in. 4.16 lbs.
WXS 2746 in3 / 45 l 65h x 35w x 32d cm 1.67 kg
WS 2868 in3 / 47 l 70h x 35w x 32d cm 1.7 kg
WM 3051 in3 / 50 l 75h x 35w x 32d cm 1.73 kg
100D X 630D Nylon Dobby
210D High Tenacity Nylon
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Love this pack!!!!


I used this pack on a 2 day hike through the White Mountains, the presidential traverse. The pack is fantastic regarding the load transfer. My back never fatigued and the weight sat on my hips. Love the hip belt and adjustable shoulder straps! The belt pockets are great for quick access. I did purchase an additional rain cover but did not need it. Looking to get another smaller Aura AG pack. I highly recommend this pack!

Essex County, Massachusetts


No Raincover


Hi, I bought the Osprey Volt60L H/PAC bag as it was lightweight, a beautiful design and very comfortable. Although I was very disappointed when I discovered that there is not build in rain cover as most bags sell their bags with a build in rain cover. I wanted to buy an additional rain cover but it seems like South Africa do not have stock, the biggest I could find was a 30L of another brand which won't work. Why do you exclude the rain cover from the design?

South Africa

Three years and counting


I've taken this back pack on three extended hikes (two Camino de Santiago's, and a Kumano Kodo in Japan) and don't think it's aged since I bought it! It's comfortable to wear even when full, has a lot of flexibility and is ergonomic. I am not a minimalist and pack way to heavy when I travel so this bag works for me as it fits EVERYTHING in it and I can still carry it comfortably on my back.

Melbourne, Australia


very good!!


im was use this bag in traveld/heavy loads (in the golan and yehuda desert). this bags suspension and balanfe are very good and the possibillty to adjust everything good. but havent enough pokets and its difficult to get out somthing thay un the bug...



On my second one and can't wait to test it out!


I bought the 2008 model of this backpack in 2009 when I had just started backpacking. I used it all over the southeastern United States, Vermont,, and Ecuador - just to name a few places where this trusty pack had been. By the time I finished my month long stent in Ecuador the fabric along the sides of the backpack and front zippers started fraying and tearing away. I contacted Osprey and they gave me a choice of picking out two new backpacks. I had to stay with the Aura because its been such a great pack! I can't wait to take the second one out to Big Bend next month and break it in! From what I can tell so far is that the newer model will be even more comfortable. The straps and the waist have thicker padding and the suspension looks even more reinforced from my old model. I have a small waist with prominent hips and this pack sits great on either location, which is nice when I'm going on long trips and start to get a little sore. As with any pack, I recommend getting fitted for it before purchasing.



My favorite hiking companion


I purchased the Aura 50 in 2012, so I have the older purple model, but it's the same basic setup. I've used it for small backpacking trips, as well as my 5.5 month thruhike of the AT this year. The 50-liter size is perfect for not letting you carry too much weight, although to fit all my winter gear I did have to use some compression sacks to get everything to fit. After resupply days, I sometimes just had to leave the top somewhat uncinched to hold everything, but that was no big deal. I put my sleeping bags (winter, then summer) in a compression sack in the bottom of my pack, and secured my sleeping pad on the bottom external straps. This was handy as it made my pack a kind of chairback when I took breaks. The straps and hip belt were as comfortable as a pack can be, but with long, sweaty distances, you will always have rubbing. I got packrash on my hips and back, but not the worse case I saw on trail. The side stretchy pockets are nice, but they get REALLY tight when your pack is full, so it can be hard to put stuff in them while it's strapped to your back. The reservoir holder in the back is nice because it fits Camelbak, MSR, etc without issue. The improvement I would request is having an external bladder section like many of my male friends' packs so that I don't have to unpack everything when I go to fill the bladder. The hip pockets were handy for fitting my SPOT GPS, pocket knife, watch face, etc. I do wish they were a bit bigger. As with any long-distance hike over many months, the pack (especially straps) were SERIOUSLY funky after a while. After multiple washings, it still smells, but all packs will do that. I got a lot of compliments on my pack through my hikes, and I'll be buying the same pack when it's time to retire my current one.

Nashville, TN


I Thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with the Aura


I just completed a 2650 mile thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with this pack and I loved it! At first, I thought the pack was too heavy (3.10 pounds) and the material of the pack too burly for light and fast backpacking. About a week or two into the trip I was glad this was the pack i was carrying. My load weighed anywhere from 19-37 pounds depending on how much food and water I had with me. The suspension system on this pack really made the weight easy to carry. My back and shoulders never hurt. At the end of 5 months hiking the pack is in great shape and I could probably use it for another Thru hike of the CDT. Also---love the green color! I recomend getting the ospery rain cover and water bladder. My only cons about this pack---I felt the sleeping bag compartment was not needed and some sleepingpad straps would have been useful. All in all---an exceptional peice of gear.



Things have changed in 50 years!


I don't know if I'm really qualified to review this pack. I'm starting again for the first time since I was 10, 50 years ago. Back then I had adult supervision, so I'm not very well versed in grownup decisions. However, I do remember pack technology back then, and this is SUPER! I've loaded it up with 25 lbs, which is close to all I will be carrying, and it feels like nothing. I have problems with sacroiliitis (lower back pain) and my first 5-mile test hike around the neighborhood didn't aggravate it at all! So far the only complaint I have is that I'd have liked quick-release buckles on the removable top-hat. You have to completely unthread them to get it off. But that's small stuff I can easily modify myself.

Pinehurst, TX


Awesome pack - fit at first hike.


I took this pack on its first hikes on the South Island of New Zealand. Was a little nervous since I had not hiked with it before. Turns out this pack is a keeper. It fit like a charm. When fully packed (including hydration system) the suspension makes it feel as if you are barely carrying anything. Love the removable top compartment. Great work Osprey on a well designed, woman friendly pack!

Whitefish, MT


It's like getting a bear hug from your pack!


This was my very first Osprey backpack! Before the Aura AG, I couldn't find a pack that would fit me comfortably and stay on my hips since I have such a small frame. I would constantly feel like my pants were falling down as my pack would slide off my hips. That all changed when I went on my first extended backpacking trip with my new Aura AG 50! When I first put it on my back it was super comfortable and felt like my pack was giving me a hug. We started up the trail with a pretty decent incline and I could tell that that all the weight was situated where it should be, on my hips! When we would stop and take breaks I finally didn't feel like I needed to take my pack off every time to give my shoulders a break. This is an absolutely great pack with a well thought out design! I'm so excited to go on even more backpacking trips with it this summer!

Cortez, CO



4.5 10