Ozone 46L/22
Ozone 46L/22"

International Carry-on vs. US Carry-On

International carry-on size restrictions can be notoriously challenging since so much of the restrictions are determined by where you are traveling. Here's a breakdown on just what to look for with your next trip.

Outside of the U.S. the standard carry-on baggage size is smaller (this relates to flights originating outside the U.S. and with a destination outside the U.S.) Here, the rule of thumb is about 21", and not the 22" and above carry-on size. As with any rule, exceptions abound and it is a good idea to visit the site of all of the carriers you plan to use while abroad to get a consensus. If you travel outside the U.S. on a regular basis or are looking to purchase a bag for someone who does, you might want to consider replacing the standard domestic sized carry-on bag in your set with an international carry-on sized bag. In terms of what the two bags will actually hold the difference is not that great and it may add some flexibility in your travels.

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The exterior dimensions of Osprey’s Ozone 46L/22" wheeled duffle match the airline’s maximum allowable size for carry-on luggage making this the optimal bag for adventure travelers who prefer airport efficiency. Osprey’s HighRoad LT™ Chassis combines a durable ABS plastic back plate with a lightweight aluminum frame to ride on large, sealed bearing wheels for easy rolling even on rough cobblestones. External and internal compression straps add extra stability when ferrying heavy loads. Open the panel zipper to access the spacious main compartment where a series of carefully designed inner storage pockets line the periphery. Exterior features include a top zippered pocket for quick access to your water bottle and other small items. There’s a large front zippered panel pocket and a back pocket with a drain port for damp storage. Low profile carry handles on top and side provide purchase when you have to hoist the bag up into the back of the bus. Osprey’s innovative Handle-It™ attachment system quickly anchors an Ozone backpack or courier bag (each sold separately) to this bag’s ergonomic T-handle creating a unified rolling luggage package. An internal ID card holder helps reunite you with you gear should it go astray while making a tight connection between Rome and Oslo.

Key Attributes

Highroad LT Chassis

Ultra-light 6001 aluminum frame for strength and torsional rigidity. Injection molded high clearance ABS base with foot bar provides a durable backbone. Large wheels with sealed bearings for a smooth ride. Extendable ergonomic “T” handle keeps your wrist in line. (Does not apply to Ozone Travel Packs & Day Pack)

Handle-It Attachment System

Easily anchors an Ozone backpack or courier bag to Ozone wheeled luggage creating a single easy-to-roll luggage package.


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 2807 in3 / 46 l 22h x 14w x 9d in. 4.37 lbs.
O/S 2807 in3 / 46 l 56h x 36w x 23d cm 1.98 kg
210D Nylon Shadow Box
210D x 630D Nylon Dobby
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Terrific for short trips: light and organized.


Light as a feather, but sturdy & organized. Great for long weekends or short trips.

San Jose, CA

If this bag had a u shaped handle it would be perfect.


I purchased this bag when it still met carry on size requirements, but have only used it a couple of times for air travel since the first time. The issue for me, and I have to say that otherwise this is the absolutely most perfect bag I've ever seen, is the single handle. I got the courier bag to go with it, and the very first time I used the ozone that courier bag would not stay fixed and the bag itself flipped over on me several times while running to other sides of the airport. Nothing else would stay on the handle at all, I'm 63, have traveled the world and needed a newer lighter bag that I could carry and researched a lot before buying the osprey ozone 22". I've kept it around for years now because I just can't get rid of such a great bag. Mine has been checked twice and suffered no damage and the other three times I've actually used it were as carry on in the U. S. I just tried it again, and once again, on a simple moving walkway, not packed to the gills, it flipped when I wasn't even moving fast and my hand could not control it with the single pull. I am really sorry about this review since I really love the bag itself, but it's ruined by Osprey trying to keep the weight off it with a single pull. My thought is that the balance problems might be fixed by a regular handle as well. Now the 22" is a bit big for international carry on but I fly SouthWest here in the states and it fits just fine. That bag holds more than I could ever use for a week and is just great for up to a month easily. It is a great bag, but I will only use it for car trips from now on. It's easy to carry by the handles fully loaded. Drop the size down to a real 19" Osprey, put in a regular handle and I'll buy another one. I'd also like to see backpack straps available that snap on this style. The ozone convertible has the zip off backpack and I'd prefer a convertible that just has the one big compartment. Bag design is fantastic, handle sucks. Each use is a disappointment.

Providence, RI, USA

Not 22"


It's 22-3/4 inches with the wheels. That's enough that it won't fit into the cage that they use to measure sizes at the airport. I've had to check this bag at the gate a few times because the counter agent wouldn't let it on the plane. I really don't get it when manufacturers make their bags too big to be accepted by the airlines and they lie about the size in their literature. It's just dumb. I can live without the extra inch. I love the light weight, but I've stopped using this bag for international flights, where they're picky about size. The single towing bar is also awkward when you try to hook a computer bag over it. A normal computer bag will swivel around and fall off, bringing you to an abrupt halt. I switched to the Osprey courier bag because it's designed for a single-bar, but even it slides off the bag occasionally (usually when you're moving fast). Offhand, I can think of many solutions to this problem ranging from a few hooks and rings to well-placed velcro tabs, but it's a big deal when you're moving around the airport fast. That said, the bag's been to Europe dozens of times, and all over the US, and it's holding up well. Its getting a big shabby, but it's been used a lot. The light weight is wonderful, and I love the big wheels when you get off the smooth airport floors onto sidewalks and other accommodating surfaces. It holds a surprising amount of stuff.

Berkeley, CA


Excellent pack for a week long trip


Full disclosure: I am an Osprey fanboy and own several Osprey packs. After more than 100 nights of living out of this bag (over the past year and a half), this pack has become my best friend while on the road. It easily carries everything I need and still offers a little extra room should I find something along the way I can't live without. -The key is learning how to pack. The pockets are placed in great spots and the bag is very well constructed like Osprey is known for. The top pocket makes getting through TSA a breeze because I can easily stow my necessities with ease before going through the scanners. My pack has been on both international and domestic travel and I have not experienced any issues fitting it in an overhead bin, nor have I ever been asked to check the size before boarding. It rolls very easily unless I am going down the aisle on a plane, then it must be carried, which is really the only con I have. If you are only going to be spending one or two nights living out of a bag, this is probably a little large for your needs. I intend to buy the 36L to use on shorter trips.

Mishawaka, Indiana


Specs and name understate actual size


We had a Meridian 22 for awhile very happily, until last fall when we were forced to check the bag by British Airways on a trip to Italy. It wouldn't fit in the test bin at the gate and we had to do a rushed repack and pay $50. I had not done a lot of research, except looking at the reviews and published specs. When measured, this pack is actually 24 inches tall from floor to top of the hard handle. Unfortunately when we looked to the Ozone as a smaller option, it suffers from the same issue. Neither of these bags will fit in many small carrier overheads, and many airlines are getting increasingly tough on their size limits. REI could do a great service to customers if they would have an actual 22x14x9 bin in the store to test-fit packs and luggage. This would eliminate the angst over bags getting rejected. And it would force manufacturers to be honest about the size of their products.

central Oregon


Excellent as a carry-on


I've used this bag on 5 trips so far, and is an excellent carry-on bag: lightweight, maneuvers well on various terrain and congested terminals. I especially like that I can use one of two grab handles to walk up and down the aisle of an aircraft. I've placed this under the seat in front of me and fits perfectly in the overhead bin. This bag is not designed to stack a bag on top using the handle; additionally, I wouldn't check in the bag.

Los Angeles


not the quality i expected


As a carry on it's done well by me and it fits on the regional planes. Unfortunately sometimes they don't believe me that it will fit and they force me to check it in. That's when the problems started. I'm on my second bag thinking the first was just a defect. The aluminum (or whatever metal it is) on the bottom that keeps it standing up bent the first time i had to check it in. The second time it just got worse. Now it just tips over forward since it can't stand up by itself. I'll be returning this one as well and searching for something new to replace which might be hard as I otherwise love this bag.

Albuquerque, NM


I would buy it again


For a carry-on bag, it's is amazyingl lightweight for its capacity (which is quite adequate), which means more weight for your stuff. It has numerous compartments, pockets and pouches. Almost too many, as there are so many interior ones where you can forget what you put where. Wheels are large and good quality. It's very maneuverable. Downsides are, it's definitely not of heavy-duty construction, and may not stand up to frequent handling by baggage handlers. All the more reason not to check it in. That said, it appears to be well made and, with proper care, should last a long time. Also, it's not very water resistant, so long hauls in heavy rain may mean wet belongings. Being very soft sided, when it's loaded, it will bulge in places, unlike most luggage. Not a real problem, I suppose. The bottom line, you are trading off weight for some other qualities. Be sure it's a trade off you can live with. Finally, the price is a little on the high side. My wife's carry-on Timbuk 2 is much more heavy duty, is virtually water proof, has greater capacity, and was cheaper. It was also heavier, which limits its value as a main travel bag. For me, who never checks in luggage, that weight, about three pounds difference, was a real concern, as I'm always pushing the weight limits.

Kelowna, B.C.


OZONE 46L/22"

3.6 8


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