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Daylite Artist Series featuring @prettybirdpaper: What are some challenges of having your passion also be your profession? 🔹🔹 It’s like working in your bed. It’s so comfortable, and as far as work goes, it’s pretty amazing. But then when it’s time to go to sleep and you’re in the same place where you worked all day, you don’t sleep as well. Everyone tells you not to do it, because that association is real. So basically, painting doesn’t always get to be as peaceful for me as it once consistently was. I went to a huge stationary tradeshow in May and was so burnt out at the end that I told everyone I was never going to paint another card. (Untrue.) That being said, there are also still times I stay up into the night because I found the perfect playlist and my mind is in another world that's all coming out on the paper. It’s beautiful, it’s hard, it’s up and down. | #ospreypacks #giveaway #art | 🎨: @prettybirdpaper
“Make what you want, even if you don’t think it’s what the people want. Trends come and go, and people will be drawn to your authenticity and unique style.” - @prettybirdpaper | Mollie is the owner and artist at Pretty Bird Paper Co., turning her watercolor illustrations into snail mail. She does most of her painting to the sound of the Seattle rain, fueled by hot tea and accompanied by Sasquatch. Deeply inspired by time in the outdoors and travel abroad, her painting style’s common threads are colorful, natural tones, heartfelt messages, and a little bit of wit and goof. While the whole business thing is new on the block and she’s only been painting self-taught for four years, Mollie has been excellent at drawing photos of Lord of the Rings characters and baking pinecone pies from a young age. She’s a strong believer in the creativity innate within all of us and the beauty that comes out of trying new things. | Click the link in our bio to enter to win this custom Daylite Sling create by Mollie! | #ospreypacks #giveaway #art
Daylite Artist Series: Julia Ben-Asher | Who or what has influenced your visual style?| Growing up, I thought about art as high-brow, fine art museum stuff, which wasn’t something I was interested in. It wasn’t until I moved to Montana and then Colorado that I got into mountains so mind-bogglingly beautiful that I couldn’t not draw them. I saw people doing plein air painting, sketching from mountaintops, drawing in campfire charcoal — creating art out of anything. Those places and people definitely felt like role models. - @juliabenasher | #ospreypacks #giveaway
“If you sketch something beautiful, it’s possible for someone to look at it, appreciate how it looks for a minute and go about their day without another thought of the piece. That inspires me to create art that causes someone to feel something.” - @juliabenasher | Julia grew up in northern New Jersey and studied psychology and sociology at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. A week after graduation, she moved out West and lives in the outdoor adventure wonderland of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. During the week, Julia teaches at a Montessori elementary school and does freelance writing and design on the side. Her favorite things are coffee, bluegrass, stacks of books, cloud watching and stargazing, sunrises, postcards, puppies, hot springs and calling senators. | Click the link in our bio to enter to win this custom Daylite Sling designed by Julia! | #ospreypacks #giveaway
We asked @sarahvirginiauhl the eternal question for any artist: how do you know when a piece is done? 🔸🔸🔸 I think this is a place where the business mind needs to meet the artistic mind. My success is based upon a balance of both. If I were to allow myself to stay in my artistic brain, reworking pieces of art until near perfection, I would never get anything done. At a certain point, I bring myself back around to the main thing (for me) which is to tell a story that helps connect someone with the wild places or with themselves. I want my work to provide a sense of connection so that if it gets to the point where I feel like my art can offer that to someone else, I don’t need to stay in it for my own sake. That striving for artistic completion is the carrot that keeps me interested in my own work, in starting a new painting or designing a new project that slowly chips away at that desire for making something truly great. The achievement of this sensation is more of a myth than a daily experience, but I like it that way nonetheless. | Click the link in our bio to win this custom pack! | #ospreypacks #giveaway #art
Daylite Artist Series featuring @sarahvirginiauhl 🔹🔹How does your work comment on current social or political issues? 🔹🔹 My artwork carries my personal focus on loving our Earth and being kind to one another. I am motivated by the organizations I partner with because they tend to be leaders in moving the needle for conservation, climate change, or water issues. My hope is that the artwork I create can be used as a tool, to bring more people into the conversation around these topics and to feel their own personal connection to these issues. I am more comfortable making a political statement as an artist by partnering with the experts; groups like The Access Fund, Conservation Colorado, American Rivers, and The Wilderness Society. If a whimsical painting of an endangered wild and scenic river helps someone learn about how they can help protect rivers, I feel like I have done my job. If sharing a photo of my adventures into the wild to paint helps someone make more time for themselves to get outside, I feel as though I have done my job. I believe that every droplet of inspiration shared has an immeasurable ripple effect into peoples lives that then leads them towards actions of their own. The more inspiration I put out, the more impact I feel I can make around social and political issues. | #ospreypacks #giveaway #publiclands
“I love the opportunity to explore my imagination just as much as my experienced reality. As an artist, I feel like I have special access to speaking in broad strokes of color and inviting the experience of the outdoors into the familiar landscapes of known places.” - @sarahvirginiauhl 🔸 Sarah uses her art as a tool for environmental advocacy, as a vessel for inspiration, and a medium for storytelling. She teams up with brands that want to protect the Earth or organizations that want to problem solve and connect in a new way. She also loves sharing glimpses into her adventures in the mountains, the place where her inspiration comes from. Follow our main feed today to learn more about her work and how she raised $30K last year for non-profit organizations through her live art activations. | Click the link in our bio to enter to win this custom Daylite Sling designed by Sarah! | #ospreypacks #giveaway
Tune in tonight at 6:30 PM MST to watch @drawingfromnature do a LIVE sketch from her studio in Denver! | What recent project or piece are you most proud of and why? 🔸 This past summer I was invited by @somethingindependent to be the lead artist for an event they host during the winter & summer @outdoorretailer shows called TRADE SCHOOL (four-days of inspired discussion, original art and informal collision with leading athletes, advocates, entrepreneurs and artists of the outdoor industry). From the start to still now, I feel very honored to have been a part of such an awesome experience and team. 🔸 🔸 The first step was showing up and starting the conversations. I wanted to incorporate the summer event themes of Women, Water & the West, while taking advantage of the creative power of the group. Then after a little research frenzy and sketchbook inspiration, I pitched the idea to two of my good friends and inspiring artists @pharen_art and @katcarney. They miraculously bought my crazy and we started the process of working to create a collaborative mixed-media collage of our mediums that we wanted to represent the themes through. When all finished, the artworks blew all of our imaginations. | #ospreypacks #art #slowtv #giveaway
“Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the path ahead.” 🔹🔹 Andrea Skusarski (@drawingfromnature) is a high school art teacher, sketchbook adventurer and advocate for creativity from Denver, Colorado. Her work is rooted in the lines created by nature, carved through trails, snow and beyond. 🔹🔹 Click the link in our bio to enter to win this custom Daylite Sling created by Andrea and learn more about her creative process! Stay tuned for a LIVE sketch from her studio on our story tonight at 6:30 PM MST 🎨| US ONLY | #ospreypacks #giveaway #art
Four artists. Four days. Four custom packs! To celebrate our new Daylite Sling bag, we partnered with @drawingfromnature, @sarahvirginiauhl, @prettybirdpaper and @juliabenasher to create four unique and custom packs that we’ll be giving away this week. Each day we will highlight one artist, share their story and talk about their creative process. You won’t want to miss this unique #giveaway 🎨| #ospreypacks | US ONLY
There’s still time to enter the Enjoy Autumn Outside giveaway for the chance to win the ultimate fall gear prize pack, including packs from both our Tempest/Talon and Transporter collections. To enter for a chance to win $3400 in gear, visit bit.ly/EnjoyAutumnOspreyPacks (case-sensitive URL) and make sure you’re following #OspreyPacks, @vasquefootwear, @thermarest, @msr_gear, @yakimaracks, @western_rise, @honeystinger, @kammok, @adventuremedicalkits, @kujucoffee, @goodtogofoods, @icemulecoolers, @coalheadwear, @darntoughvermont and @polarbottle. Contest ends 10/9, US only — good luck! 📷: @danpatitucci (image 1)
To show our support for @bcppartners over the years, our employees have participated in 15 Mt. Shasta fundraising climbs, ascending 185,000 vertical feet and raising over $4.5 million dollars along the way. As part of our continued support, we are shedding light on this important issue, providing tools and resources that anyone can use to stay healthy, reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease or find additional information. We're giving away three special edition pink Daylite packs featuring the iconic pink ribbon! Enter via the link in our bio! . . . Contest ends 10/6 | Open to US + Canada (excluding Quebec) | #ospreypacks #breastcancerawareness #giveaway
"When it comes to time in nature...significant time outside has changed my life" #ThruHikeThursday with 2018 @thruhikesyndicate Ambassadors @brownkids, who hiked the #JMT earlier this summer. The #ThruHikeSyndicate is presented by #OspreyPacks, @vasquefootwear, @otterbox, @lekiusa, @darntoughvermont & @nemoequipment. #ThruHikeThursdays
"The wanderers of life are made of earth and sky. They see the universe with stars in their eyes." - Christy Martine | 📸: @simonlenoires | #ospreypacks
“We found ourselves at every turn with what we had not imagined.” Barry Lopez 📷: @ryanschang @naahi84 #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Tempest/Talon series
“Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.” -Rainer Maria Rilke | 📷: @veganisland.pl @etchinlight #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Sirrus/Stratos series
Giveaway: Osprey proudly supports @bcppartners. We’ve worked for over 15 years to help reduce the 1 in 8 chance that women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime to zero. Over the years, our employees have participated in 15 Mt. Shasta fundraising climbs, ascending 185,000 vertical feet and raising over $4.5 million dollars along the way. As part of our continued support, we are shedding light on this important issue, providing tools and resources that anyone can use to stay healthy, check themselves or find additional information. . . . To encourage everyone to get involved, do more and help the cause, we’re giving away three special edition pink Daylite packs featuring the iconic pink ribbon. Click the link in our bio to enter! | #ospreypacks #giveaway #breastcancerawareness
Last Chance! Go on the adventure of a lifetime with one of your best friends! Enter to win a trip for 2 to Machu Picchu from @wildtravel and gear from us, @lensrentals and @sherpaadventuregear! Link in bio! | #ospreypacks #giveaway #travel
“Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out” – #KatherineDunham 📷: @KathleenLovesYoga #OspreyPacks
''It is assumed that every inch of the world has been explored and charted; that there is nowhere new to go. But perhaps it is the everyday places around us - the cities we live in that need to be rediscovered.'' - Bradely Garret. #Ospreypacks #Arcane #Urbanexploration 📷: @guillaume.stamand | @cam_ds |@ournextproject . . . On suppose que chaque centimètre du monde a été exploré et tracé, qu'il n'y a nulle part où aller. Mais peut-être que ce sont les lieux de tous les jours qui nous entourent - les villes dans lesquelles nous vivons, qui doivent être retrouvées.