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“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.” -Eddy Merckx | 📷: @vurtle_the_turtle #OspreyPacks #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Tempest/Talon series
We’re stoked to share that our Transporter 65 and Big Kit duffels were selected to be included in the just-released @getcairn Fall Obsidian Collection! The gear experts at Cairn teamed up with outdoor photographer and modern day nomad @andy_best to curate a collection that will inspire your next epic journey. Check out the full collection through the link in our bio. | 📷: @andy_best | #ospreypacks #getcairn
“Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold.” -Robert Frost | 📷: @mrsdaniellephillips #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Aura/Atmos AG series
“No one expected me. Everything awaited me.” -Patti Smith 📷: @greglacher @thatshitkcrae #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Porter series
Join us for an IG Live show this Friday at 4PM MST | Though very much ‘of this time’, the music and stories on the @cahoneydrops new album take you through many eras, places, and points of view. You may find yourself sweating out a week's work on the dance floor at a house party or just singing around a campfire with a guitar and washboard. You might find yourself taken from a street parade surrounded by mournful horns, to gazing up at the starry sky contemplating your place in the universe, all in a single song. There are many journeys and emotions awaiting the listener on Call it Home. You never know where the Honeydrops will take you, but where ever you end up, you’ll want to dance. | #ospreypacks #livemusic
#ThruHikeThursday: congrats to 2018 @thruhikesyndicate Ambassador @saraanna_ on completing her #thruhike of the #PacificCrestTrail! #OspreyPacks proudly supported Sara in this 2,659 mile, 122-day journey along the #PCT — along with our fellow #ThruHikeSyndicate sponsors @vasquefootwear, @nemoequipment, @darntoughvermont, @otterbox and @lekiusa. #ThruHikeThursdays
"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." - Henry David Thoreau | 📸 : @kyrafriesen + @julessklein | #ospreypacks
“In the desert there is everything and there is nothing. Stay curious. Know where you are…Pay attention to the weather, to what breaks your heart, to what lifts your heart. Write it down." -#EllenMeloy 📷: @nqflo #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Aura/Atmos AG series
@veterans_expeditions (#VetEx) is a military veteran led, chartered non-profit based out of Colorado. In short, it affords United States military veterans the opportunity to join its tight community on trips and expeditions throughout the US. #OspreyPacks is proud to support their work to provide veterans with opportunities to engage with other veterans in the outdoors. "In recognition of September 11th, #VetEx presented a unique and challenging mission to the group. The theme was simple: go into the mountains and suffer with your peers. To press ourselves against our boundaries, to exceed our comfort zone, to thrash our bodies against a vast landscape—and all for what? Because we honor our fallen with pain. We pay tribute to them with the sacrifice of ourselves, in a death march contrived of pure physical exertion and torment, even if only for a day…At #VetEx, all we do is #military #veteran #outdoors. This is just one of over 50 trips this year with over 700 vets outside building lasting community. We noticed a trend happening at Vet Ex almost immediately after we started in 2010: military veterans were meeting on our trips, making friends, and scheming plans for their personal outdoor goals outside of VetEx. This was when we first realized the strong community that was being created on our trips."
Have you always wanted to explore the fascinating Quechua towns, markets of Cusco, and the Urubamba Valley? Enter now to win a trip for two to explore the ancient wonders of Peru with gear/prizes from @wildtravel, @lensrentals, @sherpaadventuregear and us! Click the link in our bio to enter! | #ospreypacks #hikemacchupicchu #giveaway #travel
Do more things that make you forget to check your phone! What adventure are you off to this weekend? | 📷: @rieselerp + @arieseler + @erieseler | #ospreypacks #weekendvibes #friyay
“It doesn't matter if the water is cold or warm if you're going to have to wade through it anyway.” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin | 📷: @plbugg @lena_corbisier #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Aether/Ariel series
“When we push ourselves, we come back stronger.” | Congrats to #ospreyathlete @jay_petervary for recently winning the 1700 mile Silk Road Mountain Race! He averaged over 200 miles per day for 8 days straight. Keep crushing it Jay! | 📷/🚴‍♂️: @giovizz81 + @jay_petervary | #ospreypacks
"I enjoyed my exhaustion, though; I liked overdoing things” ―#SimonedeBeauvoir | 📷: @emilyvaka #OspreyPacks. . . Featured pack from our Viper series
She’s a wildflower, bravely growing wild and free 🌺 | 📷: @paoolafrances + @tuyetee | #ospreypacks #optoutside #wildflowers
"Each sunrise a link in the ladder." -#JoyHarjo 📷: @wyllaaa #OspreyPacks. . . Featured pack from our Kyte/Kestrel series
Did you know that in conjunction with the National Park Conservation Association, @denalinps is a participant in the zero landfill initiative? Like many locals, @mariahreading seeks to protect this land and secure access for future generations to the beauty we see today. For her full story, click the link in our bio! | 📷: @kylie.fly | #ospreypacks #protectyourfuture #landscapesnotlandfills
Towering more than 20,000 feet into the Alaskan air, Denali’s summit peeks through the thick hanging of fog and lazily drifting clouds, showing its face in a rare display of beauty. It is here that eco-artist @mariahreading is on a mission to create art out of recycled materials. Our trash is her canvas, and a good portion of her artistic process is spent collecting trash and recycled goods. . . . Learn more about how Mariah uses art as a force for conservation through the lens of @kylie.fly as she takes over our main feed and story today! Link to full story in bio. | 📷: @kylie.fly | #ospreypacks #conservation #denalinationalpark
"I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work." -Frank Lloyd Wright | 📷: @mountainwoman08 #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Ariel/Aether series
“I’ll never be be content to stay forever in one place. I’m too madly in love with all the places I haven’t been, the people I haven’t met, the food I haven’t tried and the streets I haven’t danced on.” | 📷: @clairelynel | #ospreypacks #fridayvibes