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"I'd like to stand with you at the base of the mountains and just look. I'd like to care about the way they collide with trees and rivers, the way your breath collides with air, the way I can get lost in the sounds of both and that in that moment, all was wild." - Victoria Erickson | 📷: @mudandmtns + @logan.demelt | #ospreypacks #mountains
“The places untouched by humanity, they seem to be touching my heart the most beautifully.” - Conny Cernik | 📷: @m.macdon | #ospreypacks #thegooddaysaremade
“We need to discover a common middle ground in which all of these things, from the city to the wilderness, can somehow be encompassed in the word ‘home.’” -#WilliamCronon 📷: @p_waddington @run_live_dream @laura_shep87 #OspreyPacks
“On my last morning on the PCT, I slung my Lumina onto my back, took a left onto the trail, and walked into the forest under low grey skies. With only 20 miles left to Canada, my pack had fully developed the characteristic thru-hiker smell: bologna, boiled cabbage, and body odor. But honestly, I’d stopped noticing the smell, I’d stopped noticing the backpack too. Great gear simply fades into the background of an experience, allowing you to be fully present, stoked, awed at what you’re about to accomplish.” - @pctassociation ambassador Kara Kieffer | Learn how to pick the perfect #thruhike pack for you via link in bio! | 📷: @kaymkieffer | #ospreypacks #thruhike #pct
“I’ve been still for too long. I feel restless. I need to go try new things, meet new people, eat different food and wake up to new sights and sounds. It’s time to go; my heart is being called by the stars again.” | 📷: | #ospreypacks
“A breath of our inspiration Is the life of each generation” -#ArthurOShaughnessy | 📷: @way.offgrid #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Poco series
“I’m proud of the respect that #VetEx has for the outdoors and the environment. I’m proud of the way the organization teaches newcomers to enjoy outdoor activities while also taking care of the spaces that we play in.” -Harmony McCoy, #VeteransExpeditions Denali trip leader. #OspreyPacks is proud to support @veterans_expeditions, a veteran-led nonprofit focused on empowering veterans by providing leadership opportunities in the outdoors. Their work connects veterans and creates community — learn more by visiting @veterans_expeditions.
Such great heights. 📷: @nejajesenko #OspreyPacks
Dogs can be excellent outdoor companions and exploring new trails with them can be an incredibly fun and rewarding bonding experience. From finding dog-friendly trails to knowing what to pack, we've picked 10 tips to make your next outing fun for both you and your pup! Clink the link in our bio to read the article! | 📷: @wilddrivelife | #ospreypacks #hikingwithdogs
“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.” #JohnRuskin 📷: @littlebirdbreath @mboutdoorsofficial #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Kestrel/Kyte collection
“I have a restless spirit. The need to roam and explore this earth is in my soul.” | 📷: @ayladiamond | #ospreypacks #wildandfree
“…wandering, drifting, that state when exploring, when looking to find what it might be possible to find rather than seeking one particular goal, is the means of locomotion.” #RebeccaSolnit | 📷: @vilborg.arna #OspreyPacks
We believe in the power of the outdoor community and in 2018, we’re going to #VoteTheOutdoors. Stand up for #PublicLands — visit @outdoorindustry’s profile to find out your rep’s rating on outdoor issues or check out: #OspreyPacks
"The more disconnected from our past we are, the more we want to reach back and touch it a little bit, and this is one of the ways that people can do that. These places we go to are impossible to get to unless you walk there. It’s not just hiking, it becomes your life. You get up, you walk, you eat, you walk, you go to sleep, you get up and walk. This is a devotion. You put a lot into it to get to those moments and once in a while, those moments blow everything else out of the water. Those are the moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. But you have to earn it.” | THRU | The Pacific Northwest- a film by @asithappens.creative + @pjotre | Watch the trailer via link in our bio! #ospreypacks #thruhiking
“Urban spaces combined with nature tells the American story. Our parks are our American story.” #BettyReidSoskin | 📷: @wandering_llama #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack from our Ariel/Aether collection
"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey | @lets_live_right | #ospreypacks #fridayfeels
“This early piece of the morning is mine.” #WallaceStegner | 📷: @kmokeefe OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack is the Viper
"Blue is the long song of storm clouds gathering with rain" -#TerryTempestWilliams | 📷: @singletonofpics @jesse_singleton7 #OspreyPacks . . . Featured pack is the Celeste from our 24/7 series
Skip the tricks. Fill up on treats. Happy Halloween from #OspreyPacks! 📷: @moosejawmadness . . . Featured pack from our Eja/Exos series
“While I’m alive, I intend to live.” - Everett Ruess | It was a crisp morning and the colors were changing, my favorite time of the year. There was no better way to spend the day than to head into the woods to a local bouldering area: Sailing Hawks. There was a route that was calling my name, a route that I had been working for over a year, a route that followed me into my dreams. With my dirtbag crew of climbing friends by my side, I chalked up and started to climb. That beautiful autumn day in 2011 would forever change my life. | 📷: @climbonbeesknees + @brandonrossmathis | Link to full story in bio! | Special thanks to @rompglobal |#ospreypacks