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AURA AG™ 65 depicted in image
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Removable floating top lid

The floating top lid can extend to accept oversized loads or can be removed from the pack body for weight saving lidless use.
Removable floating top lid


Osprey’s FlapJacket™ provides compression and protection from the elements for the main pack compartment when the top lid is removed.

Tool attachment

The dual ice tool loops and clove hitch style bungee tie-offs provide secure tool attachment and transport

Dual zippered front panel pockets

Dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible. *Only available on Atmos AG 65 & Aura AG 65

Compression Straps

Dual upper side compression straps stabilize loads while lower, cross functional compression straps also serve as external gear carry straps.

Internal compression

The internal compression straps help to stabilize the load.

Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment

Osprey’s Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system is designed to quickly attach and carry trekking poles while wearing a pack or making a quick scramble through rough terrain.

Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt

The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt pads extend 5”/15cm to accommodate different hip sizes while providing a custom fit
The Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt

Adjustable harness

The adjustable harness allows the user to easily adjust the torso length of the pack by using the easy release cams behind the harness yoke

Anti-Gravity Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


The foundation of the Osprey Atmos AG™ 65 is Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system that delivers outstanding ventilation and carrying comfort. This award winning pack has earned a solid reputation with savvy thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Anti-Gravity™ suspension system—a seamless backpanel composed of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt that contours to the body to deliver outstanding fit and unrestricted movement. The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt and easily adjustable torso length optimizes comfort on the trail.

You can access your gear through the top of the pack or via a zippered front panel. The versatile floating top-lid is removable to shave weight but an integrated FlapJacket™ is always onboard to protect your gear from the elements. There are also two front panel pockets to keep essentials from going astray.

Final touches on this state-of-the-art pack include the Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system, and ice axe loops for winter ascents.

Key Attributes

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


An adjustable stretch mesh front panel pocket provides additional external storage and organizational options. Dual zippered front panel pockets allow additional internal storage and organizational options.


A removable floating lid can be replaced with a fixed FlatJacket™ to protect your packed gear and minimize weight.

Additional Features

  • Front Panel Pockets - Dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible
  • Sleeping Pad Straps - Adjustable and removable sleeping pad straps provide secure extra carry

Carry Information

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

  • Lightwire™ tensioned, full peripheral frame comfortably transfers pack load.

Anti-Gravity™ Backpanel

  • Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps shoulders, back and hips for a fully integrated backpanel fit.

Anti-Gravity™ Mesh Harness

  • Adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar for load transfer and comfort
  • Die-cut foam lower and mesh ExoFoam™ wrap upper

Anti-Gravity™ Fit-on-the-fly™ Hipbelt

  • Suspended mesh hip wrap for load transfer and comfort
  • Adjustable Fit-on-the-fly hipbelt


Load Range
30 - 50 lbs.
14 - 23 kg
  Volume Dimensions Weight
SM 3783 in3 / 62 l 31h x 15w x 15d in. 4.39 lbs.
MD 3967 in3 / 65 l 33h x 15w x 15d in. 4.58 lbs.
LG 4150 in3 / 68 l 35h x 15w x 15d in. 4.92 lbs.
SM 3783 in3 / 62 l 79h x 38w x 39d cm 1.92 kg
MD 3967 in3 / 65 l 84h x 38w x 39d cm 1.98 kg
LG 4150 in3 / 68 l 89h x 38w x 39d cm 2.04 kg
100D X 630D Nylon Dobby
210D High Tenacity Nylon
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Atmos | Aura Product Video


They ignore you when you ask for help with the warranty!


I used this pack heavily, and I cared for it really well, honestly, I loved it! This is one of the best packs I've ever put on ever and I never really regretted my purchase! Until about a month back when I was transiting from Gili Meno to Bali, and the handlers on the boat threw my pack into a pile and the buckle for the top lid on the front broke off. Now this isn't a big problem, things break and I've used it for more than a year of travel. The only issue is that I've moved over to Singapore, and although Osprey packs are sold here, there are no distributors on the scene! I kindly sent an email to them, explaining my situation, needing a new buckle part to repair the pack on my own (it is a simple job, and I knew how to do it), because the pack uses the proprietary buckle which I can't seem to find anywhere else here. I offered to cover the cost for shipping, and even to just buy the buckle off them, but alas, a day passed, several days passed, mailtrack on Gmail marked the mail as "read", a week passed, my patience waned, I needed to fix my buckle before my upcoming trip to Nepal in a few months! I start getting desperate, so I went on Facebook to voice my concerns, and guess what? No reply there too (surprise surprise). For a big name company, that really is some disappointing service on their end. It's a shame too, because I was really hyped for the Osprey Aether (it just looks so cool! And it comes in 70l!), but I guess I would not be buying from Osprey after this horrendous experience! Probably would look at some other brands and hope they uphold their warranty better than Osprey... TLDR: If you move to a country where Osprey has no offices, watch out! They won't entertain you!



Atmos and Aether Noise


Have you fixed this creaking noise yet?? It's Aweful and unacceptable on a bag of this price/category - Whats the deal with Warranty in South Africa regarding a noise like this that only comes from taking the bag out a good few times...

South Africa


My fifth pack and by far the best


Just finished six and a half months finishing the AT and this pack delivered from start to finish. I have the Medium and as my waist size diminished the adjustable belt worked as promised. The waist band stayed as tight as I wanted it. No matter how much weight I carried the pack shifted the weight to my hips and made the load seem light. The anti-gravity system worked great and there were times I was able to hike for hours on end with no pain or discomfort through the shoulders. That's a statement I can't make for any other pack I've owned. The pack shows a lot of wear after six months on the trail but everything still works like brand new. I love this pack and won't go back!

St. Charles, MO


love the pack minor problems


I bought the atmos AG back in july, its a great pack with plenty of airflow behind the back. it fits so comfortable that I don't think I will ever go back to a bag without the trampoline AG harness. I use this as a hiking bag and travel bag, and I travel EVERY weekend.. the 4 small problems I have found are 1) the waist belt zippers are really hard to close when you have the pack on your back. 2) I cut off the plastic covering the elastic trekking pole secure on the left shoulder strap and taped it down with duct tape, I found this rubbed against my inner arm when walking. 3) shoulder strap again, the stiff inserts tend to twist inside the strap when mounting the pack on my back, its kind of annoying to have to push and pull at the strap to get it untwisted. 4) this may only be a problem with my pack, but the sleeping bag carrier section on the bottom is developing a hole where it comes in contact with the ground. it started off as an abrasion but the material seems to be coming apart one tuft at a time. nothing a little duct tape cant fix. over all I would still recommend this bag. in fact i'll be buying one for my son when he's a little older.

Wairton, Ontario Canada


This Bag is Bananas


Totally impressed by the thought and design that went into this pack. Please check out my video for an in depth look at this backpack.

New York City


Really like this bag


Really enjoying this bag - like any core piece, you need to get used to it and make it your own as it breaks in, especially with a bag that offers so much support, suspension, and waist belt robustness. For me, this is the perfect bag - it's well built, has enough bells and whistles, but is still minimal. The suspension system actually works and I love the heavy duty waist belt padding, super comfortable and fitted once is molds to your body. I realize I'm asking the impossible for such well built bag, however I do wish it was lighter - you're starting with close to 5 pounds on your back with an empty Atmos. I also like how simple the bag is - I can fit an overnight bag, sleeping pad and sleeping bag in the bottom section no problem. I can put food and clothing in the main compartment with room to spare and leave the tent on the outside. I don't forsee a 5-7 + day solo trip posing any problems with this bag. One feature that I really appreciate (and that's really frustrating with my Stratos 34 liter day pack) is that I can really easily slide a full 2.5 liter water bladder into a fully loaded bag. Very very helpful when you want to hit the trail without worrying about the exact order of things. I really don't use the hiking pole holster at all, feels a bit gimmicky to me. Great bag, love it on the trail, expect to get years of use out of it. Of course, you always have Osprey's iron clad guarantee backing the product should something happen.



Great all round "first pack"


If you are starting off in your backpacking and adventuring career, this is your pack. Light weight, great ventilation, easy to pack, and at a great price. It does however have two main cons, it proves difficult when adjusting the main frame and the ventilation, though amazing in the summer, is costly in the winter months. I WOULD NOT USE THIS PACK FOR THE WINTER. You will end up applying more layers to your body to compensate for a cold back but your chest will get overheated. In regards to adjustment, its difficult, but ounce properly done is a very nicely fitting pack. Very easy to pack as it boasts a variety of pockets for organization and storage. Great pack overall.

New England


Problematic for this with slim hips


I'm with Bob from Ocala about the fit around the waist. I'd give this three and half stars if half stars were possible. I bought a size L because it felt right when I tried the pack on at the store and walked around with 20 pounds or so in the pack. But I have now taken the pack on three backpacking trips (each a full week long), and invariably I feel like I'm carrying the weight all on my back and shoulders and hardly any on my hips. My waistline is around 32" and I end up pulling the belt straps as tight as they will go — which also means that I have about a foot or more of loose strap on each side which I end up tucking into the belt pockets. Feels fine at first, but once I've been hiking for five minutes I can feel that it has slipped. In short I wouldn't recommend this pack to anyone with a waistline under 34 inches. Above that, you may be okay.


Great pack except.


I researched this pack and got it down to two. The AG 50 or 65. I bought the 65 because I was never sure I could meet the weight requirements of the 50. The one issue that I have with the pack is how it fits in the waist. I purchased the taller pack based on the measurements taken in the store. I was between a large and a medium, so went with a large. The issue is that I am slim and have an issue getting the pack to fit snug or tight in the waist. Recently, I did the Camino De Santiago and lost 20 pounds along the way. It was already adjusted but was able to adjusted it a little bit more but I still resorted to stuffing a sock down the back of the suspension in order to prevent it from sliding down. So my one concern would be being able to adjust the waist tighter.



Outstanding pack!


This is the best pack I have ever used! 5 weeks of wilderness in northern Mongolia and selecting a pack is something unneeded to get right! This pack is comfort beyond comfort. When correctly adjusted to you this pack doesn't move around at all, the AG system allows for all day comfort with out any hotspots, and it fits to the body like no other I have had. A tardis for 65lts with so much room inside! Easy packing, excellent gear storage, rugged material. Love the feature of being able to access the side pocket for your water bottle without taking the pack off, this was the envy of my expedition partner. It took me weeks and weeks of research to decide on buying a new pack and this one really is the very top of the tree. Thank you Osprey!

All over this amazing planet



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