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AURA AG™ 65 depicted in image
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Removable floating top lid

The floating top lid can extend to accept oversized loads or can be removed from the pack body for weight saving lidless use.
Removable floating top lid


Osprey’s FlapJacket™ provides compression and protection from the elements for the main pack compartment when the top lid is removed.

Tool attachment

The dual ice tool loops and clove hitch style bungee tie-offs provide secure tool attachment and transport

Dual zippered front panel pockets

Dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible. *Only available on Atmos AG 65 & Aura AG 65

Compression Straps

Dual upper side compression straps stabilize loads while lower, cross functional compression straps also serve as external gear carry straps.

Internal compression

The internal compression straps help to stabilize the load.

Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment

Osprey’s Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system is designed to quickly attach and carry trekking poles while wearing a pack or making a quick scramble through rough terrain.

Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt

The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt pads extend 5”/15cm to accommodate different hip sizes while providing a custom fit
The Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt

Adjustable harness

The adjustable harness allows the user to easily adjust the torso length of the pack by using the easy release cams behind the harness yoke

Anti-Gravity Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


The women’s-specific Osprey Aura AG™ 65 relies on Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system for outstanding ventilation and comfort. This pack is often found on the backs of experienced thru-hikers.

Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system—a seamless backpanel composed of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt contours to the body to deliver outstanding fit and unrestricted movement. The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt and easily adjustable torso length optimizes comfort on the trail.

You can access your gear through the top of the pack. The versatile floating top-lid is removable to shave weight but an integrated FlapJacket™ is always onboard to protect your gear from the elements. There are also two front panel pockets to keep essentials from going astray. Final touches on this state-of-the-art pack include the Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system, and ice axe loops for winter ascents.

Key Attributes

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

The Atmos/Aura Anti-gravity™ backpanel is a continuous panel of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt to provide unmatched comfort and ventilation. The seamless structure contours automatically to the body providing outstanding fit and unrestricted movement.


An adjustable stretch mesh front panel pocket provides additional external storage and organizational options. Dual zippered front panel pockets allow additional internal storage and organizational options.


A removable floating lid can be replaced with a fixed FlatJacket™ to protect your packed gear and minimize weight.

Additional Features

  • Front Panel Pockets - Dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible
  • Sleeping Pad Straps - Adjustable and removable sleeping pad straps provide secure extra carry

Carry Information

Anti-Gravity™ Suspension

  • Lightwire™ tensioned, full peripheral frame comfortably transfers pack load.

Anti-Gravity™ Backpanel

  • Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps shoulders, back and hips for a fully integrated backpanel fit.

Anti-Gravity™ Mesh Harness

  • Adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar for load transfer and comfort
  • Die-cut foam lower and mesh ExoFoam™ wrap upper

Anti-Gravity™ Fit-on-the-fly™ Hipbelt

  • Suspended mesh hip wrap for load transfer and comfort
  • Adjustable Fit-on-the-fly hipbelt


Load Range
30 - 50 lbs.
14 - 23 kg
  Volume Dimensions Weight
WXS 3661 in3 / 60 l 27h x 15w x 15d in. 4.18 lbs.
WS 3783 in3 / 62 l 29h x 15w x 15d in. 4.36 lbs.
WM 3967 in3 / 65 l 31h x 15w x 15d in. 4.53 lbs.
WXS 3661 in3 / 60 l 69h x 38w x 39d cm 1.81 kg
WS 3783 in3 / 62 l 74h x 38w x 39d cm 1.87 kg
WM 3967 in3 / 65 l 79h x 38w x 39d cm 1.93 kg
100D X 630D Nylon Dobby
210D High Tenacity Nylon
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Atmos | Aura Product Video


Perfect except for 2 things


Love the fit and adjustable features Should repel water but it doesn't . Pack soaked through and got all my gear wet on the very first trip! I assumed that a pack this expensive would have an integrated rain cover like some much cheaper packs have as standard. Lid should convert to hip belt for short explores beyond base camp. My 20 year old mountain equipment coop serrated pack had this feature and it worked well.

Calgary Alberta Canada


We had anatomical differences :(


I wanted this pack to work so badly, but my bony hips made it impossible. I love my Kyte pack which I use when climbing and needed to replace my big pack. I'm 5'4" 130lbs and I have a long torso--was measured for a small. I carry a 30-40lb load. I had it fitted and went on a 10-mile backpack which destroyed my hips to the point where I had to adjust the fit so the belt wasn't rubbing on the way back. I had it fitted again before my last 25ish mile trip and wore moleskin on my hips. Again, the skin around the moleskin was left raw and scraped. I also had to tighten the straps to the point of leaving bruises on my collarbones to not get the sense of being pulled back. In the end, I loved the pockets, the ease of packing, the zippers were very smooth, it tightened down easily, the capacity was great, it was highly adjustable, so many good things. But, I hated putting it on--the belt is annoying to get around because of the stiffness, it dug into my lower back (probably because I had to shift my load due to the feeling of being pulled back), and the hip scrapes sucked. It's a good pack, just didn't work out for me. So, back to the drawing board. I may try an Ariel or something else.

Orange County, CA


Found True Love


I recently upgraded from my 11 year old Osprey to this new pack, and I am in love. I am five foot five inches, 115 pounds - my previous pack was so old that I would get bruises and bone calluses on my shoulders and hips. Although I am somewhat of a minimalist with gear, this pack exceeds expectations in terms of comfort. I frequently go on big group multi-day trips, carrying 25+ pounds of gear and this backpack is absolutely perfect.

San Francisco, CA




I spent months looking for a backpack with an adjustable hip belt and this pack is very comfortable, especially if you have big hips. I did a two week trip to Europe and never had a problem. My pack was heavy loaded, but I didn't feel the load on my back thanks to the aerodynamic back pad. I would recommend this pack to any woman.





I am very fine boned and bruise like a peach! I am 5' 3" and 110b. I have struggled backpacking because my pelvic bones and collar bones get sooooooooo sore and bruised! I have tried adding padding to the packs and to my bones with not much relief. I recently bought this pack and much to my surprise and delight I DID NOT BRUISE!!!! Barely even sore over my collar bones and pelvic bones. I just finished a 41 mile hike carrying about 36lb. without pain! Best investment ever!

Vancouver, WA




I have used this pack on many adventures now, and it is seriously not comparable to any other backpack I've ever tried!

Quebec Canada




This pack is wonderful. I do a lot of waterfall photography and I am able to carry my tripod and camera gear along with everything else for a camping trip with no problem. His is my first 'real' backpack purchase. I highly recommend this pack.

White House, Tn


love this thing


I just got back into the woods so I thought I would spend money where it counts. So happy I saw this pack advertised at the time I was looking. I still overpack and I probably don't pack well, but the weight of the pack hasn't been a problem. No hip or back problems at all. The anti-gravity suspension is the real deal. I am looking forward to taking this to Ice Lake and beyond in Oregon.

Miami Beach


Great pack overall


Overall I love this pack. It is comfortable and I can carry a heavy load easily in it. While I prefer lighter loads, when backpacking with my dogs, I sometimes have to carry a bit more food and water so the extra comfort is GREATLY appreciated. My only complaint is about the floating lid. It would be great to use it as a day pack on extended hikes but doesn't easily convert.

Athens, GA


40lbs feels like 20


I have loaded this pack beyond the recommended weight limit and it has performed amazingly well! Bear Vault 500 fit between lid and main pack. I have used all the features to get a solid fit, no bruises, no chafing. I can trim it down to day pack use. I know it sounds crazy but 40lbs on this pack feels waaaay lighter than 40lbs on a different brand name pack. I just wish the hip pockets weren't so tight, hard to get stuff out. And a longer hip belt would be a great option for us wider pear shaped gals.

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada



4.8 12