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Grab Osprey’s Manta AG 36 and hit the trail for a long day hike. The Anti-Gravity (AG) suspension system—a combination of LightWire frame, mesh backpanel, BioStretch shoulder harness and AG hipbelt—distributes weight to keep you comfortable no matter how far you roam. Dual upper and lower compression straps help stabilize the load and provide add-on storage options if you have extra bulky gear.

The pack’s main compartment is accessed via a front zip panel so you can see all your gear at a glance. A series of well-designed pockets keep you organized on the trail. There’s a front panel fabric shove-it pocket for quick transitions and a large zippered front panel pocket with internal mesh pockets for securing small items. Dual side stretch mesh pockets provide space for extra water bottles and the hipbelt has two zippered pockets for keeping trail snacks or a phone. A scratch-free zippered slash pocket provides safe harbor for your shades.

Additional storage features include a helmet attachment loop and Osprey’s Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment system to stash your sticks. An integrated removable raincover protects your gear if the weather rolls in.

This pack comes with a Hydraulics® LT 2.5 liter reservoir compete with Osprey’s magnetic sternum strap bite valve for instant access to fluids.

Key Attributes

Anti-Gravity Technology (AG)

This lightweight system contours the body and allows the user to move freely. The seamless suspended mesh back panel disperses and balances the load.

Removable Raincover

The integrated, removable raincover provides pack protection in adverse conditions. It stores in a small external zippered compartment near the bottom of the pack and can be quickly deployed to provide protection at a moment's notice.

Additional Features

  • Hydration Compartment - Direct zip access hydration compartment for spill-free refills. Hydraulics® LT 2.5 reservoir included. International version does not include reservoir.
  • QuickConnect Included - allows easy disconnect of the hose for faster refilling
  • Panel Load Access - A large zippered front panel pocket contains internal mesh pockets for gear organization
  • Front Panel Shove-It Pocket - Front panel shove-it pocket allows for quick transitions when extra gear needs to be obtained or shedded
  • Front Panel Pocket - Large zippered front panel pocket with internal mesh pockets help keep you organized

Carry Information

Anti-Gravity Lightwire Suspension

  • 3mm Lightwire peripheral frame tensions the mesh and transfers the load from harness to hip belt

Anti-Gravity Airspeed™ Backpanel

  • 3D tensioned mesh comfortably wraps and conforms to the body and provides excellent ventilation

Biostretch Harness

  • Mesh covered die cut foam provides an active and contouring fit and ventilation
  • Soft, breathable spacer mesh contact surfaces

Anti-Gravity Hipbelt

  • 3D tensioned mesh comfortable wraps and conforms to the hip and lower back and provides excellent ventilation


Load Range
10 - 30 lbs.
4 - 14 kg
  Volume Dimensions Weight
S/M 2075 in3 / 34 l 20h x 15w x 13d in. 2.76 lbs.
M/L 2197 in3 / 36 l 22h x 15w x 13d in. 2.87 lbs.
S/M 2075 in3 / 34 l 51h x 38w x 34d cm 1.25 kg
M/L 2197 in3 / 36 l 56h x 38w x 34d cm 1.3 kg
210D High Tenacity Nylon
100D Nylon Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop
210D High Tenacity Nylon
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MANTA AG 36 depicted in image
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Compression Straps

Dual upper side compression straps stabilize loads while lower, cross functional compression straps also serve as external gear carry straps

Stow-on-the-Go Trekking Pole Attachment

Osprey’s unique Stow-on-the-Go system allows users to tuck away trekking poles quickly without having to remove their packs

Stretch Mesh Front Pocket

Large front stretch mesh pocket for quickly stashing extra gear

Helmet Attachment Loop

Located just below the Osprey logo near the top of the font panel, the helmet attachment loop keeps your helmet securely in place while not in use

Blinker Light Attachment

The blinker light attachment strap found near the base of the front panel of the pack allows for quick light attachment for high visibility in the dark

Stretch Mesh Side Pockets

Dual stretch mesh side pockets provide additional, easily accessible storage options

Zippered Hipbelt Pockets

Dual zippered hipbelt pockets provide secure storage for often needed items
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An industry leader, with a little room for improvement.


After putting a number of miles on my Manta, I have one gripe with the pack. The stow-on-the-go pole lower attachment is difficult to use. The lower attachment seems to be perfectly aligned to make it almost impossible to fit your poles into the loop, especially if they have baskets. With it tucked in behind the side pocket, you need to reach your left hand back to guide the bottom of the poles in. You need to come down from the top, or up from the bottom, and this eliminates the ability to use your right hand to assist. To me, it feels that this loop is off by ninety degrees. Otherwise, this pack seems rugged and capacious. As with most Osprey packs, the hip pockets could stand to be longer/taller to fit the newer cell phones and spaced further out from the pack. Zipping them closed one-handed is always a chore. A feature they should also use on the Manta are strap pockets, as are found on other Osprey models. On the whole though, this pack is an industry leader. The addition of the AG system to this pack was a key deciding point for me to purchase this pack, and weightier loads disappear on your back.

Syracuse NY


Osprey for life but...


I am a 5' 4" male. I got the S/M hip belt, being a S/M person. It barely fits and I'm debating getting the bigger size. Unless you have tiny hips or are very skinny, get the bigger size. The pockets attached to said hipbelt are also small, but can hold a compass, clinometer and a pocket knife. The pros far outweigh the cons though. I love the color and fit around the shoulders. The large size is taller than a backpack and has several easy stash pockets. The water bladder is critical for long hot days outside and the back panel vents well. My last two Ospreys were stolen, so I can attest they are the best packs out there!

Olney, Maryland


Love the product, issues with the frame though


Absolutely loved it when I got it from REI after an extensive research. I used it for the first time on a 8 hour hike and was annoyed a lot by the squeaking sound of apparently the frame. I had about 20 pounds loaded but felt that the frame is about to fall apart! Especially in the quiet of the trail, all my fellow hiker and I could hear was the annoying sound of the unit. I met with a lady on the road who was using the lady's version of it and she said she had to change hers as well because of the same issue. She mentioned that her new unit is not perfect either and acts up every now and then. I plan to exchange it at REI and see if the new unit has the same issue. Again, I love this product and hope I can find a fault-free unit.

Laguna Niguel, CA




I plan to use this as my day bag for the rest of my life. Thanks to Osprey having a lifetime warranty :) I love it for it day hikes and quick one nighters in Shenandoah. I use a sublink 7 Hammock Shelter sytem, a Mountain Hard Ware Phantom sleeping bag, Silk liner, socks, MSR Windproof Cooking system, First Aid kit, Dog food, dog water collapsable dish, leash, compass, hatchet, bear bag, food, water for days, sunglasses, trail mix, and a bluetooth speaker and in the winter pants and a jacket. :) she packs great!



this my ultralight/lightweight go to pack


The Anti-Gravity system is just really comfortable. Sometimes my back touches the pack-back, because it just too narrow between the AG and the pack-back. We got a lot of pockets in this 36-size pack. I liked the open compartment in the middle, to store jackets or hats. My base weight with this pack for 3D2N was 6Kg.

Bandung city, West Java prov, Indonesia


Excellent Pack!!


I just purchased this pack to use for a big 14er trip I have planned in the summer. I'm all about comfort and this pack delivered like no other pack I've ever used or tried in store. First thing I did was load it with 30 pounds and mowed my yard and it was very comfortable. The next day I loaded it with 30 pounds and did a 15 mile hike. Once I had it adjusted the way I wanted (took about 20 minutes to find the sweet spot) I didn't have to adjust it again. I really can't believe how comfortable this pack is. It's big enough to haul plenty of gear for a day hike or if you are minimalist you could easily do a weekend trip. This bag has every feature I could ever want in a bag. I would recommend this pack to anyone who is looking for comfort. I can't wait to see how well it performs on my 14er Madness trip (20 peaks in 12 days).

Overland Park, KS


Didn't like the waist strap


I like the layout of the pack a lot. I also like the way the mesh panel holds the pack off your back. However, the waist strap was too narrow for me and I opted for the Kestrel 32 instead even though I liked the configuration of the Manta better.

Terlingua, TX


Awesome pack, and, but ...


Please do yourself a favor: get the pack! ... but and fix it before you use it. In other words, the left strap where the trekking poles attach is abrasive, specifically, the nylon fabric and stitching is like melted plastic edgy. It's so bad that it tore up $1,000 worth of clothes before we could even figure out why just the left arm pit was getting all torn up in my clothes, The Meridian does the same thing. Rub your finger along this area. If it feels at all edgy abrasive snaggy, take care of it right away by covering it with Tenacious tape. p.s. ... It works best to first cut out entirely the trekking pole attachment strap. The pack will look a bit hacked up, but it's so worth the fix. Hopefully, Osprey will fix this ... ?

Phoenix, AZ


Can't Go Wrong


The Manta 36 is the best instructor pack that I have purchased as a Wilderness Field Instructor. Working in wilderness therapy and being responsible for the safe keeping of medications and personal information, I am required to have my pack on or near me 24/7. Carrying a pack for days at a time has in the past left me with back pain. However, the suspension system and forming hip built of the Manta helps keep the weight on my hips and makes my job much more enjoyable. The only con of the pack is that it does not have straps on the bottom part of the pack. These straps on other packs I have used to strap on bear ropes or water filters which was really convenient and kept the inside of my pack cleaner. I have used this pack on 56 hikes in the Pisgah National Forest, Smokey Mountains, and in the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area. I strongly recommend it as a wilderness professional and as an avid adventurer.

Asheville, NC


The perfect multi-use bag ever


I recently purchased The Manta AG 36 and carried it on an overnight trip ( 10 mi ) . This is the pack I have been waiting for . It has lots of storage and was very comfortable to carry . I got of likes on the trail from other packers . After I got back from my overnighter I put it on and tested it out on my mnt bike for 10 miles and it work very well . P.S. a previous review stated that there wasn't a dedicated opening for the hydration hose except through the zipper . I'm not sure what that's about but there is a dedicated opening for the hose from the hydration bag . That comment almost deterred me from a great purchase . Great bag Osprey.

Westville OK



4.6 13


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