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When your back and hips hurt, hiking isn’t fun. Especially when you’ve got a squirmy little one on your back. So Osprey incorporated their award winning AG™ (Anti-Gravity) backpack suspension system into the Poco AG™ Plus child carrier. Lightweight aluminum stays provide load stability and the mesh shoulder harness and backpanel combination keeps you comfortable for the long haul.

Child safety and comfort is paramount. The child cockpit is fully framed and padded and the butterfly harness is fleece-covered. When you set the pack down, the base is extra wide and has a locking foot bar for stability. Two large, reinforced grab handles ensure secure pickups. The child seat has built-in safety leg loops.

Adult comfort is also a concern. The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt means both parents can enjoy proper fit during the same walk. Parents can also share the weight with a removable daypack.

Other features include an integrated sunshade to protect sensitive skin, a myriad of storage pockets, and a removable, washable drool pad.
Max Load - 48.5 pounds.

Key Attributes

Anti-Gravity Suspension

Contoured suspension combined with seamless mesh from the shoulder blades to the lumbar region balance and stabilize the pack so you won’t even notice you’re carrying a precious cargo.

Built-in sunshade

A built-in removable sunshade is included with every style of the Poco AG™ Series. A unique collapsible design allows it to be stored or deployed quickly. The sunshade is also integral when using the optional add-on Poco rain cover.


The Anti-Gravity™ suspension incorporated on the Poco AG™ offers a highly adjustable harness, coupled with the Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt, yielding a wide-fit range for a variety of sized parents. *Available on the Poco AG™ Premium and Poco AG™ Plus

Additional Features

  • Fit-on-the-Fly™ Adjustable Hipbelt - The adjustable Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt offers 5”/13cm of extension on each side for a comfortable ventilated custom fit and superior load support
  • Extra-Large Lower Zippered Compartment - An extra -large lower zippered compartment offer storage for diapers and other items
  • Zippered Hipbelt Pockets - Dual zippered hipbelt pockets keep essential items readily accessible. A safety mirror lets you check back on the child when they are sound asleep
  • Stretch Mesh Side Pockets - Dual stretch mesh sidepockets allow for external storage for accessible items

Carry Information

Anti-Gravity™ Aluminum Suspension

  • Full wrap aluminium tubing frame provide lightweight but stable heavy load carry

Anti-Gravity™ Airspeed™ Backpanel

  • 3D tensioned mesh comfortable wraps and conforms to the body and provides excellent ventilation

Exoform™ Harness

  • Soft, edgeless mesh wrap for a soft, breathable contact surface
  • Adjustable sternum strap with rescue whistle

Anti-Gravity™ Fit-on-the-fly™ Hipbelt

  • 3D tensioned mesh comfortable wraps and conforms to the hip and lower back and provides excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable hipbelt for a perfect fit for a comfortable carry


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 1587 in3 / 26 l 29h x 15w x 17d in. 7.67 lbs.
O/S 1587 in3 / 26 l 73h x 38w x 43d cm 3.48 kg
210D Nylon Shadow Box
400HD Nylon Packcloth
400HD Nylon Packcloth
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POCO AG™ PREMIUM depicted in image
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Dual Grab Handles

The dual reinforced grab handles allow a secure and stable way to pick up and set down the child carrier

Drool Pad

The removable drool pad at the front of the cockpit is soft to the touch and comfortably padded for the child

Deluxe Child Cockpit

The adjustable Double Halo™ harness and child seat is surround by a fully framed and padded cockpit for safety

Lightweight Folding Aluminum Frame

A lightweight aluminum frame fully supports the load and provides a stable platform to set the child carrier down

Zipper Stash Pocket

The small zippered stash pocket is convenient for small items and features a secure key clip

Stretch Mesh Harness Pocket

The stretch mesh harness pocket offers quick and easy access to trail snacks or the child’s favorite toy

Built-in Sunshade

The built-in sunshade deploys quickly and easily from a dedicated zippered pocket

Adjustable and Removable Stirrups

The adjustable stirrups offer deluxe padding and leg support prevent circulation deprivation.

Adjustable Torso

With 6”/15cm of torso adjustment, the Poco AG™ Series can be quickly and easily custom fitted to a variety of adult users while on the trail
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Fantastic Pack!


We've owned this pack for about a year now and my daughter and we absolutely love it. She is 21 months old and loves to get in and head outdoors with Mom & Dad. When loading her in the pack, getting her legs through the openings takes a few tries, but once they're through, putting the shoulder straps around her and clicking her in takes a few seconds. Once you can master the motions of lifting the pack up on your knee, then putting the shoulder straps on, it becomes a very quick process. The shoulder straps and hip belt adjustments are great and provide enough adjustment for most people. The kickstand is an extremely helpful feature for dismounts and the retractable rain cover has come in handy many times. We highly recommend this product.

Middleboro, MA


So glad we bought this


We bought this in March of last year when our son was 5 months old and holding his head up without any problems. By far the best thing we could have bought for our travels. We do 6+ mile hikes almost every weekend. We've taken him to Hawaii, Peru, England, France, Italy, Switzerland and even just trips to the grocery store. This was so nice for museums like the Louvre where there are a lot of stairs. We just walked up them when other parents were looking for elevators with their strollers. We couldn't get into a couple of places in Europe because of the metal frame, even though we said it was aluminum, but overall most places just let us walk right through without much trouble. We used the rain cover when we were hiking through Cusco. We had a real torrent pour down on us and he was the only one who stayed dry. Also we had a large duffel bag already that this fit into when fully collapsed, but it flew inside that bag with no issues. Only real complaints I have are that my 3.0l Osprey hydration pack from my day pack barely fits into it. I can't fill it all the way up with water and even when I get it in, it often gets caught on the adjustable back part, so I have to reach in and hold that in place while I squeeze the hydration pack part in. Second is the sun cover can get caught on the screws while inside the frame. We tore a little bit of it when trying to pull it out. Also the sun cover goes into the bottom compartment section and is not separated from the compartment, so if you have diapers and such in there, they will eventually get in the way of the sun shade. They should add a separation of cloth so that it stays in its own section. My son is almost 2 now and quite tall for his age (37 inches) so we can barely buckle him in now because his torso is long. He only weighs 30 pounds so we're well under the 48 lbs limit but I feel we're reaching the end of it. Fortunately my 4 month old daughter is soon to be ready for it :).

Pleasant Hill, CA


Worth Every Pretty Penny


I like doing hikes every weekend. I'm glad I have a comfortable carrier I can use so I can share the outdoors with my child. I'm 5 foot short and the pack adjust well for me. My husband who is 5 foot 7 and very picky with equipment, also likes the pack. It's comfortable for him, the baby and I. I'm so happy with this pack. I highly recommend it!

Chula Vista, CA


The envy of hipster parents everywhere


I found myself with the AG Plus after doing a ton of research into child carrier packs from all the major brands. The AG series didn't stand out with any specific feature, but it did check all the right boxes and narrowly edged out a competing pack from its German competitor. I went with the Plus for a little additional storage without the unnecessary bulk of the Premium. Side note - Why do you need a detachable day-bag w/ a child carrier? Are you going to leave your kid there and go on a short stroll in the woods? I digress. What stands out the most: Our daughter loves it. She literally crawls over and tries to jump into the pack when she sees it. This might end up being a negative in the long-run, but as for now her enjoyment is key to making this a good pack. Secondly, the pack w/ its AG system is very comfortable. Only detractors are that the built-in sun shade can snag if you're not careful stowing it away. Also, the compartment for the hydration system feels like an afterthought and you can have difficulty putting in a full bladder. Overall, it's an amazing piece of outdoor equipment. p.s. prepare to be the focus of covetous eyes when you roll up the the bar in Curry Village.

Anaheim, CA


Great Carrier made even better


A lot of the features I like to mention has already been mention in the description. I like to reiterate that this is very adjustable and very well design. My only concern was is the baby buckle. I have the previous version which has to buckles at the shoulder. They are hard to operate with cold hands or with glove on. It looks like it was changed for this version. I've used it for cross country skiing, hiking, and even mountaineering. Since 3 months, my son has been able to sit comfortably and sleep for hours at a time on this. He once was on it for 7 hours never made a "complaint". For mountaineering use, I would recommend selecting your summit carefully. On steep decent you will be unable to slide down on your butt on those loose gravel or thick dirt section. The base of the carrier is much lower than the usual place of your backpack. Ascending on scree and scramble is okay, but descent on scramble might require that you turn around or side way. Happy trekking.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada







Great carrier


Incredible carrier very comfortable! Little man loves it too. Very comfortable on the hips and back absolutely no issues so far. We hike the Colorado Rockies and local hikes and everyone I have felt I am safe and secure and most of all so is my little man. The pack doesn't hold to much but! It holds enough if you are a minimalist hiker meaning you don't over pack. The sunshade is great too!



Very disappointed. Especially for price point.


I purchased that Poco Plus and had issues with the seat where my child sat sliding down on its own, which of course is very scary, and a major safety issue. When I called Osprey, I was then informed that it was an issue that they had been experiencing, but no recall? They sent me a new pack, which was great of them and I appreciated the good customer service-and replacement of the defective product. However, the new one is very stiff to get on and the belt around the hips is tiny! Luckily for me, I am 5'3 and 130lbs, so it's not a big deal...but we will see what happens when my husband tries to wear our son in the pack. My biggest beef is with the "adjustable" torso. It has an option for "XS", BUT the torso adjustment won't stay there, it just slides up to the "S" option...which I guess I will have to make do. It's just frustrating. The sunshade is great to have, but I think the 2015 model was much better with the clips to hold it down instead of a little tab you slide into a pocket...doesn't work well with a baby that likes to pull on things and unhooks one side. :o( It all these things wouldn't be really worth complaining about if we hadn't dropped $300 on this pack.

Windsor, Co.


Great child carrier


I love this pack. Great for my kiddo. Was able to put him in comfortably at 3 months and 12 pounds. The slobber guard did its job, and was soft enough for him to rest his head on when he fell asleep. At no point did I feel that he was unsafe while strapped in. It is highly adjustable to fit a growing child which will keep it good for years. I use this pack often.

Honolulu, HI



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