We the People support Public Lands

Let your elected officials know that you oppose the
reduction and fracturing of Bears Ears and Grand
Staircase-Escalante National Monuments
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Takeover Day 3, Part 2: On these adventures there is something beautiful in the simplicity of collectively having the same goal. As different as your lives are, as busy as the daily bustle can get, when you're outside together with one unified intention the layers of all unnecessary worry fade away with each drop of sweat. Things become simple. They call it re-charging but really it's just reminding. | 📷: @smkraushaar
Takeover Day 3, Part 1: There is always time for coffee. Even on the mornings you have to get on your bike before the sun, step one for us is making sure we have at least a few moments to enjoy a hot cup of caffeine. Some bike packers bring an aero press and even a grinder with beans, but we went for the ultra light weight option of instant coffee packs. No room for coffee snobs when you need extra room for snacks! | 📷: @sariebear_ie | #ospreypacks #bikepacking
Takeover Day 2, Part 2: The logistics behind a bike packing trip are just like a backpacking trip. You pack food for as many days and nights as you’ll be outside, you divide as much gear as you can between everyone and you try to bring only the things you need plus a few luxuries like chocolate and Swedish fish, those are worth the extra weight and space if you ask me. | 📷: @sariebear_ie | #ospreypacks #bikepacking #nevada
Takeover Day 2, Part 1: With our backpacks and bike packs full of water, we kept hoping the next turn would show some sign of a trickeling creek. What we got instead was a hike to find the water source that the cow pies didn't stink up! The compact water filters might be one of my favorite inventions of all time. | 📷: @sariebear_ie | #ospreypacks #bikepacking #bikelife
Takeover - Day 1, Part 2: Suffer and laugh and don't tell me where we are. With the sun setting and the moon peaking over the rolling hills we were starting to get to the point in any adventure where you doubt why you’re doing it. This is when I become ever grateful for my friends, because when you hit that low point (usually in conjunction with low blood sugar, aka the hangries) you need to be around people that will keep you on track, make good decisions and laugh at you when you've hit your lowest. | 📷: @sariebear_ie | #ospreypacks #bikepacking
Takeover Day 1: For the next 3 days, we will be highlighting a story from a user who went on a 3-day women’s bikepacking trip through Nevada. Enjoy! Our goal was to ride the Toiyabe Crest Trail: 3 ladies + 3 bikes + 1 unknown trail in the middle of Nevada. The original track was set by miners traversing the slopes of the Toiyabe Range south of Austin, NV. The adventure we ended up with was a firsthand tale of route finding, suffering, crashing and lots of memories. Always make time for wild adventures with your friends. | 📷: @sariebear_ie
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Turns = earned. 📷: @danskovli | #OspreyPacks
From mind-blowing star-filled skies to the tens of thousands of ancient sites, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument hold arguably the richest natural and cultural treasures in America. Now that President Trump has ordered the reduction and fracturing of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, it’s time to let your elected officials know that you oppose this decision, and to ask them to support America’s public lands. Visitation has already increased dramatically in Bears Ears National Monument. Friends of Cedar Mesa and Duct Tape Then Beer have both launched a KickStarter campaign to establish a Bears Ears Education Center to ensure that those who visit know how to do so properly. This way everyone can feel the same sense of discovery and wonder in this incredible landscape, for generations to come. Type in this URL to support Friends of Cedar Mesa and @ducttapethenbeer in building the Bears Ears Education Center: bit.ly/BearsEarsCenter | 📷: @bluffoto | #ospreypacks #standwithbearsears
“In nature nothing exists alone.” #RachelCarson 📷: @walter.lekh | #OspreyPacks
Bright and cold mornings, long hikes on shorter days, winters well worth the wait. 📷: @rhey_mt #OspreyPacks
Ten years ago, Kentucky native @bensollee came to prominence singing Sam Cooke, The King of Soul, while playing the cello. In 2011, his infectious take on folk music landed him a Tiny Desk concert and this NPR sensation showed fans he was not a backwoods novelty. Sollee describes his newest release, Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native as a bluegrass record, fully aware that his is not the traditional view. Join us Monday, December 4th at 12 PM MST for a LIVE performance by Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native from The Roost at our Colorado HQ. Mark your calendars and get ready to jam out to their unique take on folk music! Register for the stream here: http://bit.ly/bensollee-kentuckynative
“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores” #WilliamShakespeare 📷: @Wbaker223 @jimmymurry #OspreyPacks
"I would like to be the kind of person who can help other’s see the outside world, whether it’s though my adventures or through my artwork; I want to give people a window to a world they don’t see every day, inspiring them to go outside and pursue their own adventures.” - Kelly Halpin (@kyehalpin) Watch the full film, Running Greenland, at bit.ly/running-greenland | 🎥: @sav.cummins + @matthew_parent | A film by @lasportivana + @nativeeyewear + @ospreypacks | #ospreypacks
“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson | 📷: @sugarteef + Matthew Casey Graham | #ospreypacks