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Crossing Tasmania

Inspired by his 2021 project, "Crossing Iceland," Osprey Athlete Payson McElveen developed a cycling route that stretches from the remote northwestern coast of Tasmania, through the wild rainforests of Tarkine National Park and to the Bay of Fires, 360 miles away on the northeastern coast.

Payson on his ride Crossing Tasmania

Where the goals in Iceland were more focused on speed and setting a record, Payson, with the help of Tasmanian endurance rider Emma Flukes, developed a route more geared towards adventure and showcasing as much of the island as possible.

Osprey Athlete Payson McElveen at the shores of the Tasmanian coast

Follow along with his epic ride and explore the culture, beauty, adventure and wildlife that one of the most southern landmasses on the planet has to offer. Watch "Crossing Tasmania" now: