Make your list and check it twice: tips for winter recreation

Tips & Considerations for Being Prepared for the Next Season of Outdoor Fun 

As humans we know the change is going to happen.  It does every year.  It is a constant of nature.  If you are like me, however, the change can still take you by surprise.  The transitions from winter to spring, spring into summer and even summer into fall seem to be gradual and unnoticeable.  The cold winter mornings gradually dissipate as temperatures rise and the outside world begins to bud and sprout forth a myriad of natural colors.  Before long the heat and lazy days of summer are upon us with the return to the cooler days of fall not far behind.  The mornings start to take on a new freshness as the temperatures gradually decrease with the afternoons staying comfortably warm.  All of nature begins to show its preparation for the next season with leaves turning and falling; creatures putting on that extra layer of sustenance or finding dens for an extended nap; and plants draining of color to drift into dormancy.  It all seems to happen without comprehension of what is to come, until…BAM!  We wake up to our first snowfall of the year and frigid temps.  Winter has arrived and the scramble to get skis tuned; fat bike tires inflated; ice tools sharpened; and find our stored winter shells, gloves, hats, etc. is on.  Lulled into complacency by the previously soft transitions from season to season, the sudden and abrupt onset of winter, can leave us unprepared to take full advantage of one of the best seasons of the year.