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Conservation and Recreation Can and Must Coexist

Our conservation roots run deep. As an industry leader, we are committed to using our voice, resources and influence to advocate for the advancement of land protection efforts. In keeping with our commitment, Osprey has pledged the highest level of support to The Conservation Alliance to help increase protections for wild public lands and waters for generations to come.


The Conservation Alliance

As a coalition of nearly 300 like-minded businesses, The Conservation Alliance (TCA)(Opens in a new window) has protected outdoor spaces and wild places since 1989. TCA achieves their work through two impact pillars: grant making and advocacy. Through their grant program, the business community contributes financial resources to grassroots conservation efforts. And TCA utilizes the impactful business voice to influence conservation policy through corporate advocacy.

Combining these efforts ensures that their work is making the biggest impact possible. And it works – in the last 35 years they’ve awarded over $31.9 million in grants and helped protect over 82 million acres and 4,570 river miles, remove or halt 38 dams, purchase 22 climbing areas and designate five marine reserves. 

A landscape view of a river, with sunlit mountains in the background
Image via Dani Vernon

Mobilizing for Monuments

In recent years, many of the special places that TCA has helped protect were new or expanded National Monuments. In 2023, TCA and its members played a key role in conserving the 900,000 Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni / Grand Canyon National Monument, the 500,000 acre Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada, and the over 6,000 acre Castner Range National Monument in Texas. 

Something that makes TCA’s National Monuments campaign even more powerful is that they prioritize work that is led and championed by BIPOC and local community leaders to provide new access to underserved communities. They directly invest in campaigns that provide lasting cultural and climate benefits for generations to come. 

TCA has formalized their work on national monuments through a business coalition called Mobilizing for Monuments(Opens in a new window). Osprey helped to support this initiative because we understand that national monuments are a proven tool for protecting wild places and outdoor spaces, preserving important cultural and historical sites, improving opportunities for recreation, and growing the economies of nearby communities. 

You can learn more about Mobilizing for Monuments and our work on this campaign by watching the recently released Mobilizing for Monuments Road Trip Film(Opens in a new window). The film documents a week-long road trip from Colorado to California where the crew visited key landscapes that we’re working to permanently protect as National Monuments. Our very own Director of Marketing, Vince Mazzuca, is featured in the film!

A group of people walking together through a rocky landscape
Image via Anton Lorimer

Osprey’s Commitment to Conservation

The Conservation Alliance has proven that their model is an effective approach to preserving our valuable outdoor spaces. Through their well established grants program, their strategic corporate advocacy, or their innovative campaigns such as Mobilizing for Monuments, TCA and its members have made a sizable impact on conservation over the last 35 years.

That’s why, after nearly 20 years as a member, Osprey elevated our commitment to TCA as a Pinnacle Member(Opens in a new window) earlier this year. As a Pinnacle Member, we’re donating $100,000 per year as a way to more deeply invest in TCA’s highly diversified grantmaking portfolio, corporate advocacy program, and core operational expenses in order to shift the landscape of conservation.

Interested in learning more about The Conservation Alliance? Visit in a new window).

Featured image via Dani Vernon.


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