Fabian Hornstein


Former triathlete Fabian developed his passion for running during his travels in 2017. Travelling with minimal kit, Fabian had the opportunity to train and explore remote places across the globe and fell in love with urban and trail running.

Focusing on proper training, strength and flexibility, Fabian is now changing the world of trail and urban running by sharing his experience, expertise and knowledge with his community. Anything from how to stay motivated and get outside in all weathers, to small changes you can make to your running technique to improve finish times. He’s even got some great recommendations on the best music playlists to keep you energised and entertained for the duration!

Check out Fabian’s Running Playlist, perfect for training!

Fabian’s Favourite Pack

Kestrel 38

With plenty of space for all my kit, the Kestrel 38 is the perfect companion for an adventure and a good workout. Whether I’m taking my running gear and my trustworthy hydration pack Duro, or my hammock, camera, snacks and change of clothes; the Kestrel always has my back and never lets me down.

Fabian's Running Tips

  • Avoid the intensity grey zone! 80% of all training sessions should feel really easy, so train at a pace at which you can definitely still hold a conversation.
  • Focus on recovery. Very often recovery is underestimated. A stressful day at work, for example, can slow down recovery. When training, it’s important to remember that your body needs more sleep and time to rest.
  • Don’t forget strength and balance training. Focusing on strength and balance is especially important for a healthy and injury-resistant body.