How to Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

If you live and breathe the exhilarating air of the great outdoors, the traditional New Year's resolutions might seem a bit pedestrian. So, what's next for the seasoned adventurer? This New Year, instead of setting generic goals, focus on elevating your outdoor experiences and taking your love for adventure to new heights. Read on for eight New Year resolution ideas to align with your adventurous spirit:

1. Explore Uncharted Territories

If you've mastered the local trails, it's time to spread your wings and explore uncharted territories. Plan a backpacking trip to a remote wilderness area, embark on a multi-day trek in a foreign land or discover a hidden gem in your own backyard that you've overlooked. The thrill of the unknown awaits, and there's always a new horizon to chase.

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2. Master a New Outdoor Skill

Challenge yourself by acquiring a new skill that complements your outdoor pursuits. Whether it's perfecting your rock-climbing technique, taking to the water, mastering the art of backcountry navigation or becoming a skilled wildlife tracker, adding a new skill to your repertoire not only enhances your adventures but also opens up a world of possibilities.

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3. Integrate Adventure with Purpose

Elevate your outdoor experiences by infusing them with purpose. Join a conservation project, participate in a trail maintenance initiative or organise a community clean-up event. This resolution not only enhances the impact of your adventures but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards the environment that is guaranteed to fill you with pride. 

4. Set Expedition Goals

Plan an epic expedition or multi-day adventure that pushes your physical and mental limits. Whether it's a long-distance hike, a challenging mountain ascent or a cross-country biking journey, setting ambitious expedition goals will add an element of excitement and accomplishment to your year. 

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5. Connect with Like-Minded Thrill-Seekers

Share your journey with others who live for outdoor adventures. Join local hiking or outdoor clubs, attend workshops, or explore online communities. Connecting with fellow adventurers provides a support system, valuable tips and the opportunity to learn from shared experiences. 

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6. Go Beyond the Daylight

Extend your adventures into the realm of the night. Whether it's stargazing in a remote location, camping under a full moon or embarking on a moonlit hike, experiencing the outdoors after dark adds a whole new dimension to your love for adventure. Embrace the nocturnal beauty of nature and let the stars be your guide.

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7. Practise Mindful Outdoor Living

Deepen your connection with nature by incorporating mindfulness into your outdoor experiences. Practise activities like meditation, yoga or simply quiet contemplation. Cultivating a mindful approach will not only enhance your appreciation for the environment but also contribute to your overall well-being.

8. Document and Share Your Journey

Your experiences are a treasure trove of stories waiting to be shared. Commit to documenting your journeys through photography, videography or even journalling. Share your insights, tips and the magic of your adventures with a wider audience, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. For inspiration, check out these avid adventurers on Instagram: 

·       Holly Budge (@hollybudge(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): UK-based adventurer, mountaineer, and artist who shares her experiences from the world's wildest places. 

·       Kilian Jornet (@kilianjornet(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): Spanish trail runner, ski mountaineer, and long-distance athlete. Follow him for breathtaking mountain adventures. 

·       Dwayne Fields (@dwaynefields(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): Adventurer and TV presenter based in the UK, sharing his outdoor experiences and encouraging diversity in the outdoors. 

·       Anna McNuff (@annamcnuff(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): British adventurer, author, and speaker known for her long-distance adventures, often involving running or cycling. 

·       Emelie Forsberg (@tinaemelie(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): Swedish trail runner and ski mountaineer, sharing her passion for outdoor adventures in the mountains. 

·       Fabian Hornstein (@fabi_horni_tri(Se abre en una nueva ventana)): Former German triathlete and keen ultrarunner who shares his tips on good running techniques and lessons from his experiences.

For the outdoor enthusiast who thrives on adrenaline and craves the call of the wild it’s time to elevate your outdoor experiences, push your boundaries, and continue to find joy in the pursuit of the extraordinary. The great outdoors is your canvas, and the possibilities for new and thrilling adventures are as limitless as the horizon that beckons you forward. Cheers to another year of chasing summits, embracing challenges and living a life less ordinary!